Shalamuka Capital is the BEE investment vehicle 
that transpired as a result of the partnership between the Shalamuka Foundation and RMB Corvest. Shalamuka Capital

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Alclad In-store Solutions ?30.0% shareholding

Manufacturer of store fittings


Bedrock Mining Support ?13.2% shareholding

Manufacturer of timber mining support


Chemspec ?6.5% shareholding

Paint manufacturer and distributor


Diva Nutritional Products - 50.0% shareholding

The business develops and manufactures nutritional products for feeding programs. It’s ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) in paste from, is a vital tool for treatment of severe acute malnutrition.


Dupleix Liquid Meters ?26.0% shareholding

Distributor and support provider of products in the overpressure protection, flow, level and density measurement, automation and
control markets in Southern Africa


Eaton Electric South Africa ?25.0% shareholding

Provider of power management for cities, buildings, industry,
transport and infrastructure


Efficient Engineering ?29.0% shareholding

Heavy duty engineering works


Fidelity Security Services ?10.0% shareholding

Provider of security services


Fintech ?25.1% shareholding

Originator and administrator of advances to rental customers and arranger of finance of corporate customers covering a range of
office automation products


MineRP - 22.5% shareholding

A mining software and consulting company with a rich set of unique mining technical products and solutions.


Respiratory Care Africa ?25.0% shareholding

Importer and distributor of medical, surgical and orthopaedic
equipment and consumables


Sectional Poles - 36.0% shareholding

Manufacturer of support structures for the lighting and telecommunication industry.


Surgitech ?31.0% shareholding

Importer and distributor of consumable medical devices

West Rand Engineering ?31.0% shareholding

Manufacturer and distributor of valves, fittings and snatch blocks
for gold and platinum mining


Winder Controls - 26.0% shareholding

Design, manufacture, installation, upgrading and maintenance of mine hoisting systems for the local and international industries.


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